Life is my passion !

 Aspiring presenting myself in few lines seems difficult and possible at the same time!

As far as I remember, I can say that I always been interested in spirituality and everything that is related to our unexplored and untapped potential :).

It was said that Albert Einstein was using approximately 10% of his brain and that being considered having superior intelligence. Facined and curious, I thus always sought to exploit the maximum of my capacities.  I believe that we cannot afford wasting our potential and talents!

So I realized on my path of reconnection with myself that I had received many gifts witch could be used to help others. We can use the descriptors birth healer, birth medium, psycho-energetician, magnetizer, and others…

Life prepares us very well for our life mission. For my part, I worked in counseling as a trainer / teacher for nearly 20 years. My life experiences, people I met, my trainings with a recognized Quebec healer, my numerous trips around the world have allowed me to grow personally and to acquire, among other things, a great ease of adaptation. Among the trips I have made, I went to Peru, India, the Philippines to follow 3 trainings with the healer Alex Orbito and I moved from Quebec (Canada) to Tuscany (Italy) where my soul led me to arrive in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast. Finally I settle in Bretagne on the land of my forefathers! Everything is possible!

Many readings, mediumistic consultations, testimonies and workshops led me to develop my abilities and to be able to use them for my passion, which is to bring people to evolve, to increase their level of consciousness and to live happiness on a daily basis!

I am grateful to be wonderfully guided and to have access to information that allows me to accompany a greater number of people who have pain. I offer my help through my treatments appropriate to each person.

I work with the energy of the heart with Spiritual/energetic guided care to act in the best way for each person who wants it and thus understand and settle your psychological and physical pains coming in surface in your body.

Authentic, dynamic and committed, I am versatile and have the ability to adapt to any situation quickly.

The body, soul and mind are a whole. Your body speaks to you, What is it telling you?

What are your thoughts? They are guiding your life!

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