Counselling for couples

In a couple, it happens that there are dissensions between the partners. This often leads to a crescendo in the voice tones, arguments, anger and we than no longer speak to eachother…

Sadness and misunderstanding can arrive and we do not know what or how to solve the situation(s) that led to this discomfort, misunderstanding and uneasiness in the couple.

If our couple faces difficulties, this can also have individual repercussions. The solution can be other than the separation especially when love is present!

I accompany you both together during a session to come to an understanding of what’s happening and to find a solution that will suits both of you!

There is the individual path in our life and also the path of our couple!

Like a garden, the couple’s relationship has to be cultivated too 😉

I look forward meeting you!

Dominique 🙂

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