Individual Counselling — Process

Individual Counselling / Sessions

During an individual session, I proceed according to your needs.

As a Therapist, Psycho-energetician, Magnetizer, Medium-Healer, I am accompaying you in a spiritual / personal / professional way and help you through the different stages of your life path. I help you to solve your psychological and physical pains.

It is possible that a consultation includes a part of discussion and a part of healing. During the session, I am channeling and according to your needs. At first, I respect your your choice when we take the appointment and then, we see together at the time what’s best for you.

Please note that the consellings and sessions are professional, private and confidential.

A session takes normally about 1 1/2 hours (the fee is per session and not per hour). It is also possible to have shorter consellings of half an hour for specifics questions for example.

Examples of differents possible consellings:

  • Mediumship: Answers, explanations and help for your questions about path, life direction, life path and others;
  • Magnetism;
  • Global healings (body/soul/spirit) energetic and spiritual guided;
  • Physical liberations;
  • Past lives;
  • Clearing of past memories (cellular) in the energetic bodies;
  • Harmonization and energetic balance;
  • Decoding and others;
  • Sophrology;
  • Individual teachings and trainings during the conselling;
  • Many others… to be discussed with me!

Various possible ways for counselling:

  1. In person:
    • At my office in Illifaut 22230 in Bretagne;
    • Occasionally at your home for you or several people.
  2. By distance:
    • On the phone without any charge from you;
    • Online on Skype, Zoom, Messenger etc.
    • Distant healing without interaction and phone feedback of 15 min. approx.

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