Your Geobiology


Geobiology is the study of the influence of the place onto the living kingdom (humans, plants, animals). Its goal is to allow each occupants of a place to optimize their well-being and health.

Geobiology is’nt only interested in the place in the area sense of the term, but in the precise place where we live, sleep, the third of our lifetime and more… all the history of a place can leave traces, energetic imprints as well as the geological changes like the deviations of water courses and others.

Geobiology helps you to prevent disease and improves the effectiveness of medical / paramedical care and allows us to focus on our journey without wasting energy fighting energy irregularities that we do’nt see and that can disturb our life harmony.

You can decide to do the geobiology of your home, one of your outbuildings, barn, your land or all at the same time! It will remain valid and effective for as long as you are a the registered owner or tenant and no changes are made (adjustment once a year if necessary).

Normally, a geobiology is done at distance with normally a travel of my part according to the distance. I accompany/explain during the process and answer your questions.


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